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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day Motion Potion

With Kat and me moving, I had to cancel my American Greetings Subscription, but we could not allow

Mother's Day to progress without trying, in between my four visual migranes and one full blown one to not

share the love with as many of you as my misguided vision and thundering pain behind me left temple would allow...

So I googled and found some really wonderful images to post on your

FaceBook pages...and some of them were magnificently

animated...but FaceBook doesn't let them swing...so I decided to let y'all (thanks Gail), see some of the fluttering depths of beauty I found.

So Witchy-Lin is dropping her

Motion Potion upon the postings and bringing them back to glittering life again.

Are we ready? I am not going to name who each posting went to...you'll know if it's yours...but for the rest...I love all of my Muse Sisters, My FaceBook friends, and my family members near and far.

So Happy Mother's Day to those who are only now seeing the animations attached, and to those whose postings said what was in Kat's heart and mine for who and what you are to us.

Love To All
From Us.

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