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Sunday, July 31, 2011



History is resplendent with them and guess what, they were JUST like us.

My name is James, James Rhodes and I grew up in Dallas with

Noah Blake as my best friend...the brother I never had. I DO have a very pregnant sister and

Maxine is the greatest, but Noah? Hmmm. There's a part of me that wonders if Noah and I didn't share many lifetimes together long before this one.

Our parents are literal Christians. If Reverend Billy Todd Richardsen tells our parents all rivers are purple with pink polka-dots our folks take that to be the gospel spiritually faxed to

Reverend Billy Todd from...well way up there.

For a while Noah and I held the respect of our parents. Course we both had to face

death, massive destruction, and distinguish ourselves in Iraq to earn it. Bullet hole scars and

Purple Hearts mean a lot to our folks. For us?

Life, we learned can be as short as a

heartbeat. One minute you can be looking out at the

insanity of war with the admitted arrogance of youthful certainty you will not be killed, and the next moment standing over your platoon mate shaking because he was only this far from you when the war claimed his tomorrows.

Noah and I changed, and yet we really didn't. We just finally admitted our truth.

I love Noah and he loves me.

The family? Well you could hear the decibels of them

disowning us in all the corners of the universe.


Texas was

easy. My sister Maxine, the only family member who did not turn on us lives in

Vermont, and now so do we.

Despite our war-skills, Noah and I chose to work with our


We build things, things we hope will last. Perhaps we can erase some of the ugliness of being two men who love each other the same way

warriors throughout the ancient world loved each other. But unlike them, we live in a

world that no longer rejoices in the wonder of

love, in all its guises.

Please do not misunderstand. Noah and I are not gay, but we are bi-sexual.

Were the ancient Romans, Egyptians, Greeks bi too?

Noah and I spend a lot of time on our

computers investigating/researching, speculating about the

ancient warriors and how they effect modern mankind.

We celebrate the technical skills of the likes of warrior genius

Alexander the Great while ignoring a very integral part of who he was...a man in love with other men

as this fresco shows.

Socrates, still considered one of the most brilliant philosophers of all time...was a Greek man.

Greek men celebrated being men. You cannot look upon

Greek sculptures,


frescoes and not know Greek men openly reveled in their manliness. But today men who honor being men are called silly things like "sissy",

girly-men, or worse.

I love Noah. I love Maxine. We are

family, and even though Maxine is being

stubborn about standing on her own two feet and not allowing Noah and I to

coddle her as she goes through having this baby without the rat-bastard and very absent father, we will be there with her

every step of the way.

Going with Maxine to meet with the

midwife is a given, after all, Noah and I plan to be a part of my niece or nephew's life from the very beginning.

Noah and I love each other, and one day we hope to find the wife meant to complete us, but for

we're off to the midwife.

We could never have guessed...we went to meet the


holy cow!

Her name is Heather Juno.

I am James Rhodes. Noah and I are

in love...with each other...and

now with Heather too.

Love at first sight!

Will this deliciously exciting woman

take a chance on

two guys?

Will she complete us in ways we had little hope of ever finding?

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