Heat All Around

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Here I am again...Yeah I've been away for awhile. Had me a heart attack, but I'm back and ready to do what I do.

Today I want to talk vampires...

And a new series that is going to ROCK YOUR WORLD:

WHY? Well because Kat Holmes has found a way of bringing both the vampire world AND the world of the Greek Gods together.

Okay...only ONE of the Greek Gods...Hekate'...
She is one WICKED Goddess...and she LOVES weaving her WEB...
She's also determined to capture many in her web...like 

Royce the Water Demon she brings in to guard her creation in the opening book in this series:

HIDDEN by Kat Holmes

Royce HATES vampires...don't know why...will learn that in a later book in this powerful series...But Lilith, the vampire Hekate makes and takes under her wing...well for 30 years, hates vampires too...WHY...
you'll have to read the book to find out the answer to THAT question.

Hekate keeps Lilith HIDDEN while Royce watches over her...basically he keeps her imprisoned in the world Hekate has designed.

Now FIRMLY caught in Hekate's web as a hated vampire.

Again Why?

What nefarious plan does Hekate have in store for Lilith...oh yeah and the REST of the Vampire world?

Benjamin...he heads the GOOD VAMP CAMP...and is one of the eldest BORN vamps...who are busy protecting the few females left after 

Montegue the OTHER eldest BORN vamp has either killed or taken the very few BORN female vamps at the time prisoner...Yep...even his OWN sister had to be saved and now along with all the OTHER known female vamps, is protected inside the Benjamin's camp.

But NEITHER of them know about Hekate and the web she is busily weaving. This Greek Goddess is about to rock the Vamp world

It starts with Lilith...a female vamp with more BALLS than MOST of the males...and boy are they in for the shock of their long lives when they finally learn of Lilith's existence.

Lilith...a powerhouse ALL the vamps will have to reckon with...Where will 

Hekate take the vamps? What does she have over Royce 

that keeps him guarding this unhappy vampire...especially since SHE hates vampires too?

And how will the discovery of Lilith change the world of 

Benjamin and his HONORABLE vamps?

Grab a copy of Book ONE in Kat Holmes' amazingly powerful

 Hekate's Web Series
And see how one vampire can be cast into the core of the vampire world

and make them all stand up and take notice.

If you love stories about women who do not bow before the masses...you will

LOVE this series.