Heat All Around

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

How Refreshing

How refreshing that President Obama did not pass the buck for the gridlock that has stalled the Country from a sweeping recovery...although I cannot, in fair consciousness, blame the President solely for the difficulties he continues to face in implementing the plans he had for recovery. How can one man be expected to guide the recovery when faced with such overwhelming refusal on the parts of so many in the Congress to work with him? How can he be effective when it seems the goal is to make him a one term president even if that means continuing to keep the average family from acquiring jobs and keeping their homes?
Does no one remember how many times when things went horribly wrong during the previous administration's twin terms, the excuse from the president was, "I wasn't told about that.", or more often than not, he was shoveling it in Crawford instead of shoveling it in Washington?

President Obama inherited a gargantuan mess from that administration...and although many want to bury their heads in the sand, the fact is the former presidents and their policies are at the root of today's problems. President Bush allowed the corporate world to run their operations without effective oversights...and since most of those placed into the position to oversee the rules are former lobbyists for the very corporations they were to be monitoring, is anyone surprised?

The failure of the S&L's happened under Bush Sr. The failure of everything else, economy wise, happened under Bush Jr. Now I do not want you to think I am not 100% aware of the fact that the foreign trade agreements that have allowed the obscene outsourcing of jobs to third world countries overseas were implemented by President Clinton, because I am.

We are only beginning to learn, as papers become available, just how much ILLEGAL activity was going on under the former administration. How anyone can justify or whitewash the repeated violations of the Constitution the elected officials are sworn to honor, defend, and uphold, is beyond me, and yet it happens with a regularity that staggers the imagination, and I am sure is not what the Revolutionary War and the implementing of the Constitution were really about.

President Obama claims responsibility...but HE did not filibuster every program meant to bring about improvement in the overall situation; the Senate did. He TRIED to work without party bias only to met with a wall of noses out-of-joint because they were no longer the top enchiladas. They did not question or put limits on the failed Bush programs, but they are totally against ANYTHING to undo the massive deficit.

YES we had to go a bit deeper into that humongous hole, but has no one heard the adage...you have to spend money to make money?

The current pundit for the other side QUIT the only job she was ever elected BY THE PEOPLE to perform because she'd rather be out there pretending to know what the people need. SHE QUIT when the going got hard. President Obama is taking the responsibility for the failure to implement the programs we, the people, elected him to do because of obstruction and bad sound bits from those who do not want to give up the bottom-line in their own under-the-table inducements.

Once again, please do not think I am blind to the mistakes President Obama is making or may make. I am in total disagreement with ANY plans to make it impossible to bring former and/or current Attorney Generals to court for gross violations and/or manipulations of the Constitution. If President Obama allows such a plan to happen, giving Ashcroft immuinity from knowingly involving America in torture, he is setting a terrible precedent...one that will allow further torture despite the Constitution and the Geneva Convention.

Are any of you as tired as I am of the massive deluge of ads and the billions being spent to cloud the issues? Are any of you tired of the Big Guys cutting every program meant to help the average people while feeding more and more privileges to the richest?

President Obama TRIED! Unlike President Bush, he did not get cooperation, nor did he get blanket agreement with everything he put out there. It's a shame the partisan games keep getting in the way of taking care of the PEOPLE.

When you QUIT the job THE PEOPLE ELECTED you to perform in favor of becoming a richer than Croesus media mouth, or you vocally admit that your single purpose AS our elected official, is to obstruct every recovery program so you can insure President Obama is a ONE TERM only president, how can any of us, the American People expect something to be done before WE become the third world country?