Heat All Around

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Struggle Continues

I was naive.

Yes, it's true. I was very naive about many things. Honor and truth seem to not matter any more.

We are raving as a country over what amounts to insanity, and for the life of me I do not understand why. There is a woman who was not known to any of us two years ago, who knew so little about the world and what is happening in it, it was frightening. Now, two years later, she has left the one and only job the PEOPLE elected her to perform so she can become an overnight multi-millionaire and the "voice" of our sanity?

How can this be? She is a woman who to further her own career, outed her unwed, pregnant, teenaged daughter. Who does that? What "mother" who claims to put family before everything does that?

There are secrets in my family...I'm a single Mom...so of course there are secrets my children want remaining so. My children DO come first. There is no way I would betray them for any reasons and share their secrets with the outside world to save my own skin.

Lying...if our politicians were held to the same standards our employers expect from their workers, how many of them would pass the "lying on your résumé" test? Lies are the requirement for representing us and our future? Your boss would fire you, but we are stuck with them because we VOTED for them based on their lies? Is that really the democracy the Revolutionary War was fought to engender?

I do not understand how or for that matter why corporate America is being allowed to buy our elections. Yes, we need business, but to the exclusion of the needs of the working, average person? How is business building up America when they are sending jobs overseas to the third world countries so THEIR profit margin is bigger?

Do they not understand there will come a time when the product they are selling will no longer be affordable here?

Is that their purpose...send jobs overseas so they can diminish America until it becomes a third world country they can then bring back the lowest paying jobs to? Is that why the party of that woman refuses to have ANY guidelines or oversights? Do they not realize had the government not installed those regulations back during the depression and the Second World War, none of them would have been able to amass the wealth they now so greedily horde?

Had the shores of the USA not been open to immigration, NONE of them would be here today to whimper and scream about the injustice they feel towards today's immigrants?

Had the Native Americas been more war-like from the time the first escapee from religious intolerance landed on America's shores, none of them would be here today to claim ownership over all they perceive?

I am a child of the sixties. I saw what power in the wrong hands could explode into. Does no one teach recent history? Do today's children not know about Watergate, the Viet Nam War, the parade of corrupt vice presidents during the Nixon years?

We spent millions of dollars impeaching Bill Clinton...does no one remember that? And what was his ultimate crime? He got a really bad "B-job." Had he not, they had NOTHING on him despite squeezing the life out of everyone remotely attached to them.

What man or woman who is cheating on their spouse would have told the truth about their cheating? Does no remember that farce conducted by Newt Gingrich...there he was vilifying the President for lying about cheating while behind him he had his wife sitting on one side in the front row and his mistress on the other? Talk about throwing stones when you live in a glass house...Yet he is back today trying to throw stones again?

Karl Rove outed a CIA operative whose job required her anonymity so she could gather the intelligence that administration said it needed to keep America safe. How safe can we be when our own government is unmasking those out there doing the REAL job of trying to keep us safe? Today Carl Rove is pouring outrageous amounts of money into the campaigns of any and all members of his party so they can go back to doing the same things that got us into this extreme deficit. How does that make sense?

Two years ago that woman was chanting DRILL BABY DRILL. Now that we have had the largest ecological disaster in the world's history, she rants that government didn't move fast enough to clean it up. How can you say government should stay out of corporate business and then rant at government for not cleaning up the debacle caused by business?

I heard the accusations of "flip-flopping" but there has been more flip-flopping done by this loud and all too frequently inconsistent mouthpiece. She has a reality show coming up saying she would rather be in the majesty of her State than in the political offices...then why does she continue to tour the country for outrageous speaking fees spouting things that I doubt she fully understands and if she did, doesn't seem to really care about?

She and so many of her confederates want to appeal this amendment, reinterpret that amendments...because we are NOT doing as the Founding Fathers wanted us to do. Lady, the Founding Fathers did NOT give women the right to vote. Our Grandmothers and Great Grandmothers had to fight long and hard for that right, so do NOT quote the Founding Fathers when you speak of returning to THEIR vision. You'd be bare foot and pregnant or else.

I saw, up close and personal, what the government is capable of. Does no one remember the Iran Contra hearings? Does no one remember the S&L bailout under Bush Sr.? Clinton gave Bush Jr. a huge surplus that he squandered within the first six months of his presidency LONG before 9/11 and he then railroaded us into the situation we are currently in, a war based on lies, and misdirection

I KNOW the job situation is bad, but hello, it was horrific under Bush Jr. The Wall Street and Corporate downfalls happened under BUSH JR. not under Obama, yet they have managed to rewrite history through their cache of lies. It took Bush Jr. less than six months to go through trillions of dollars, but the other side are the spenders? Think of how irrational that sounds. Major surplus under Clinton gets passed on to Bush Jr. but it's gone...ALL gone in less than six months BEFORE 9/11.

Watergate...the President escaped being held accountable for the illegal break-in of the Democratic Party's headquarters. Hours of subpoenaed tapes had been splotchily erased. The US under Reagan and Bush Sr. illegally supplied arms to the Iran Contras then made Oliver North their scapegoat.

Bush Jr. well let's JUST concentrate on the outing of Valerie Plame...Scooter Libby was found guilty, although he was allegedly acting under the orders of Dick Cheney, the Vice President. Bush Jr. interceded in so many ways...invoking executive privilige whenever ANY of his people got caught with their hands in the illegal cookie jar. Scooter Libby, the Bush Jr. fall guy will never serve a day in prison. Does no one see a theme here?

President Jimmy Carter lost his presidency because of the Hostages taken when Iran became the system it is today. The other party claimed he was weak for not getting them out sooner. Perhaps he was, perhaps he was not. Maybe like Bush Sr. who did not move into Iraq after reclaiming Kuwait, he was trying to be as diplomatic as that powder keg of a section is, to safely bring them home without starting a war.

Once out, though, he has become a world figure because he and his wife began Habitat for Humanity. The Kennedy's began Peace Corp AND Special Olympics. Clinton has established many humanitarian organizations around the world with the wealth his books gained him.

What has the other side done?

Created Think Tanks to figure more ways to have corporate America take over the Country. What has that touring mouthpiece done with her well over $700 million dollars? Toured for MORE money. How much money can you spend in a lifetime?

We REALLY do not teach the CURRENT history of say the past forty-fifty years! We stop with the Second World War...and I don't understand why. Did life end with the end of the Second World War? Not in my own memory did it end. I was born during the Korean War, but I learned nothing about it in school, and it would seem today's students learn nothing about it either.

Do we teach about The Bay of Pigs, the assassination of President Kennedy, the Viet Nam war, Nixon having to leave his second term in shame but with full clemency from Gerald Ford? Do today's young people know anything about the taking of hostages in Iran when the Shah was ousted by the Ayatollah and his followers? Do any of today's young adults know about The Marcos' from the Philippines, or Baby Doc from Haiti, Pol Pot of Cambodia, Castro in Cuba, Manuel Noriega of Panama; the FULL story of Osama Bin Laden's rise to power, and any of the other changes that have fashioned the current world and its emotional embroilment with life as it is today?

Why are we so willing to let the truth fall by the wayside in place of ALTERED realities. You cannot recreate the past nor should we be so willing to believe the swirling creations of bent truth. We aren't cattle to be herded by the strongest roustabout...are we?

Has this posting sounded like I am anti-Republican and pro-Democrat? No, no, no! I am neither. For instance I am not happy with the current President's lack of allowing the Don't Ask Don't Tell insanity to fade by not allowing the Justice department contest the Federal Court decision stand. The US Government is NOT God. Only God has the right to decided what should and should not be expressions of intimacy and love.

I hear the rhetoric and fear mongering concerning having our children see, learn, or be taught by non-heterosexuals, and I have to ask...with all the cases of teachers molesting their students...HETEROSEXUAL teachers molesting their students, why would we think our children would be in any more danger from NON-HETEROSEXUALS?

We are so rabid about this topic and yet we do not put the same level of anger, rage, and increasing the punishment for these pedophiles. Non-Heterosexuality is NOT contagious. You cannot CATCH it like the flu. Pedophilia, on the other hand IS contagious. It DOES pass on to the next generations. So how is it heterosexuals that COULD be pedophiles teaching our children is okay, but NON-HETEROSEXUALS teaching our children is SCARY?

What cowards we have all become in this Twenty-First Century.

Why is it okay for HETEROSEXUALS in the military to express themselves sexually, but we are so terrified that a NON-HETEROSEXUAL, just because they are non-heterosexual, is going to be a real problem? Could it be the heterosexuals that are raping the female military personnel are afraid they won't get close enough to a good looking non-heterosexual to force themselves on her?

It is my experience that those that are the most anti-non-heterosexuals are usually those afraid they have such tendencies. But Mr. President, Don't Ask, Don't Tell is a violation of a huge segment of our populations rights under the Constitution...and to those who want to throw Religion at me, please remember this Country was founded by the Framers of the Constitution, and colonized because they wanted and were guaranteeing FREEDOM FROM PERSECUTION. I do not agree with polygamy, which IS against the law, yet we do not go after the Mormons as rabidly as we persecute non-heterosexuals.

You CANNOT have selective justice.

Another thing that has me upset right now with President Obama. Sir, if you do not allow prosecution against former President Bush's Attorney General Ashcroft and risk making it law that no Cabinet members such as this can be held accountable for their illegal action, are you not risking this Country becoming a dictatorship? Is that what you want, Mr. President? That is so NOT what the Framers of the Constitution wanted.

And so my struggle continues. I agree with SOME of the things the Republicans want, yet until they undo the damage done by the eight years of cowboy politics under THEIR watch, how can the be trusted? How do you get that faith back?

You stop filibustering every bill. You start sitting down and working in conjunction with the other side. Both sides need to stop the stupid ideological war and get down to the business of helping the USA recover from eight years of out-of-control insanity. YOU, the Republicans, created the current mess, and YOU, the Republicans are doing everything in your power to see it does not get fixed.

I suggest STRONGLY you learn from history. The USA has only been a super power since the end of the Second World War... are you going to implode faster than any super power in history because of your self-centeredness?

I don't CARE about your sexual lives, unless you are using your power to intimidate others to be your sex-slaves...but affairs? That should be between you and your God and families. MY concern is how do you behave as a leader of MY government and MY Country. Is that too much to ask?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

White Haired Confusion

There comes a time in life when mirrors are no longer

your friends. For a while you may try to deny the truth of this through all manner of subterfuge...like drapping yourself in over sized tee-shirts that travel all the way down to your kneecaps...but one day, you'll really wake up to the fact you are not stunningly gorgeous and built like... 

...a brick s_ _t house any longer.

The once blonde mane...

...is now purely white with some sooty gray thrown in so you cannot claim it is just premature whiteness and you're actually a platinum blonde.

And we so do not want to talk about the body and the nasty things gravity does to it. (If I have told my boobs once I have told them a thousand times to stop kissing my kneecaps...

...My kneecaps have the response capability of a dormant bituminous rock.)

Eventually you do settle for the reality of leap-frogging elderliness,

and then, just when you have settled comfortably in batty older than dirtness, along comes,

from out of the blue, men ready willing and more than eager to flirt.

One would be enough to make my roseacea give way to an honest to God blush...but THREE?

Have they stopped prescribing bifocals to men of a certain age?

I mean, Hello? I am rapidly nearing that 60 mark and sixty looks no better the closer you get to it than it did when you thought 30 was over the hill.

Three obviously vision challenged men have suddenly, and yes, sweetly...no overt attack for a quick feel here...let me know they think I am <gulp> pretty...AND they find me...ENCHANTING. My obvious reaction, once I move past the "ARE YOU BLIND?" knee jerk reaction is "WHY?"

I've been around the bend and am stretched thin because of it. The day I can get into a size four flew out the door the moment a teenaged girl came out of a side road talking on her cell phone instead of paying attention to the

 stop sign she was supposed to obey.

Injuries alter body flexibility and of course, shape...which only intensifies with the medications they give you too.

Prednisone...is an instant weight increaser and once increased forget peeling it off in this life time.

Okay, I have a sense of humor.
When you look like a Shar Pei you'd BETTER have a sense of humor!

And yeah, I'm smart...but that used to turn guys away in droves. Now that I am approaching senility, having a sharp mind is APPEALING?

I tried to remember back to when I actually went out with, let alone did anything else with a man...I think his name was Ty...yep..

Ty Rex...so there's been a really, really long dry spell here.

And that means, I am not certain how to take ONE guy calling me pretty and wanting to get to know me...THREE? So again I ask...did they stop giving men of a certain age access to bifocals?