Heat All Around

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Anybody remember

Plucky Duck's famous line when he flushes the toilet..."IT GO DOWN THE HOLE....AGAIN! AGAIN!" ...as he eagerly flushes again? Today my laziness of late went down that hole.

Kat and I know

we have been a bit

lazy of late. Life has thrown us a

curve ball or three dozen of late. BUT I finally sat down here for
three hours today and worked on my
prequel to the Suc-U series...yes it's
tongue in cheek, but it's
erotica...for me erotica NEEDS tongue in cheekiness.
Someone once told me writing erotica has to be hard for Kat and I given our pasts. When you've no concept of normal love, you have no choice but to

make it up as you go.  So tongue-in-cheek is as close to what I believe normal to be...Of course it helps that of late my erotica stories have been about
Succubi and
Centaurs. It doesn't really MATTER what consitutes
"normal". They cannot BE what makind interprets as NORMAL no matter how hard they might try (no pun intended.)
I digress...can't do that...that's what leads me to being lazy.
Three hours is how long I sat. I let me go and allowed

Nudge, my wicked little
task master to take over. 3,674 words in three teensy hours. I really was keeping Nudge down  wasn't I?
Shame on me.
Nudge wants me to share some of her more creative character names with you...and I remind you, this IS

tongue in cheek and if you have any issues with this, blame Nudge. She's my creative voice...a nuisance much of the time...but she knows her stories!

Okay, can I just take a moment and tell Nudge,

I am in AWE of what you channel through me. You DO


How about Mel. T. Gasbags. (The "T" is his middle name initial and that happens to be TING...See his mother's name is Bea Ting...oh and his father's name is Justice Gasbags.)
Mel is the current Universal King of the Incubi, but Peter Byrd is in the wings. Peter has a brother named Dick Byrd, and he's got a problem with a client stealing Inc named Thorn E. Dawg.

Anyone who's read book one in this series, SUC-U, knows the current Queen of Earth Sucs is Wetniva Dreams.
You will meet her counterpart, the King of Earth Incs. in book two SUC-U-TOO...maybe...if it gets contracted.

In book three, and in this prequel you meet

Peter Byrd, The Universal King of Incs, and his counter-part Universal Queen, Gyna Strokes. (Don't they look GREAT together?)

One more character you will meet in Book Two...maybe...is a gorgeous wine red maned suc

named Bal Buster. (Balisima actually but she likes being called

Bal Buster, very few know 'isima' fallows her Bal.)

I think that's it so far, but Nudge is not ready to write

THE END to this prequel, so who knows what she will come up with next...But I can assure you it won't be borning.

Friday, November 11, 2011


I am disabled. I did not get that way from donning the uniform of the brave ones and

defending the rights of those of us who never faced the confusing enmity of others, but in my life as a disabled woman, I have met many who stood up and faced the

horrors of ideology, jeaoulsy, righteous or not-so righteous disdain masked as war.

I have a driver...he's seven years older than I am, and I am about to turn the BIGGER THAN LIFE


He is one of the drivers I often have when I go for my medical appointments. He served in

Viet Nam from it's inception, before the American people even knew we were fighting an undeclared war.

Viet Nam...My oldest brother Bob

(here at the christening of my son, Christopher) served during the Viet Nam war in the U.S. Navy. Bob is nine years my senior, so I was just a little kid who thought the only evil in the world, outside the

devil our Priest spoke of with such barn raising vitriol, were the

monsters that lived underneath my bed or inside my closet...

Until we drove down to

Norfolk, VA to pick Bob up for his short leave from his first return from Viet Nam while serving on the

USS Intrepid.

I was a

CHILD! I thought my brother was the bravest man I'd ever met, and I had the hugest sister-crush on him.

Imagine then what it felt like when we drove through Norfolk, a city dependent upon the dollars spent by the Naval base personnel, and I saw the postage stamp lawns of the Norfolk people displaying signs that said,


My driver friend told me he has people come up to him today and

THANK him for his service back then.

I remember seeing images of our Viet Nam soldiers returning from that horror of war to the horror of being greeted by their fellow Americans SPITTING on them!

My friend tells those who NOW honor his service back then, they're forty years too late. Honor those who are serving now.

I do not like war. I do not pretend to understand it, but I deeply honor and respect those who do not sit before their TV screens yelling at the images of who we are told we"hate" but step up to defend all that we are.

War is horrible. I wish it was mandatory for all politicians to have to serve a minimum of two years in the Miltary up close and personal with the realities of war. Maybe then, they would not be so eager to send our heroes to their death like they are nothing more than

chess pieces to be moved across a world-wide chessboard.

Today is Veteran's Day. I have in my family several who stepped up...to them I say,

thank you, just as I say thank you to all the brave men and women throughout the world's history who stood with their courage knocking at their knees and brought honor to us all.