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Friday, January 13, 2012


I was going to use this newsletter to rant about the inanity of MOST reality TV...such as does anyone really think the

Kardashians or the

New Jersey Shore characters represent real life? I live in NJ and when I was a kid we spent a lot of time vacationing at the NJ shore and The Poconos Mountains. NEVER did we run into anyone remotely like Snookie. In fact I actually spent my sixteenth summer at the shore getting to know this adorable guy from Canada. I assure you he did not have a


A lot has happened since my last newsletter. The Preditors and Editors 2011 Poll has concluded. We only found out about it four days before it ended, so our nominations for our works, had a lot of upward challenges. PLUS

I'm an idiot! I didn't realize the link they ask for is the link to your bookstore page. I gave them the link to one of my blogs and Kat's website. Definitely am not operating on all my cylinders since that last mini-stroke six weeks ago now.

HOWEVER despite that distinct lapse in protocol,

Kat, my gorgeous and most prolific daughter DID manage to take tenth place with

The Lighthouse in the

Mystery Category. Not bad for only four days.

The rest of our stuff? Overall not too bad again when you consider we were only available for voting four days. (Voting started, I understand, though don't quote me, on December 21, 2011. That means we missed sixteen days of potential votes.)

How DID we do? We should at least get a few Honorable Mentions...but truth time...

In the Romance genré, I squeaked into the 20th place with

This Time Forever,  with a fantastic cover I wish I had thought to enter...except like the book it would have only had four days. My Cover Artist and Kat's the

Queen here at

Muse, took First place in her category...so maybe it's just as well I didn't know I could nominate my covers. Wouldn't want to dilute Delilah's showing, by tossing our covers into the mix. As it is she produced NINE of the top twenty covers. Pretty damned good!

In the Sci-Fi/Fantasy realm, I really let Kat down.

Frozen, with another cover to die for, came in at 23. This is saddening. The Artica Lights Series is so spectacular and inventive, it makes me really feel the fool for denying Kat the opportunity it deserved. But there's always next year.

In The Erotica Genré, I squeaked along with two of my other

Musers into 13th place. I must admit to being surprised how close to the top ten I made it. But then

Suc-U is a delicious story with another Delilah winner of a cover. With two more written in this series and one more this close...(anyone want to donate a tongue-in-cheek epilogue?)...to being finished, maybe next year!

In the Thriller category, once more I squeaked the wheels and landed again at position 13 with

Beyond Yesterday, another one of my favorite stories, with I think my favorite Delilah cover so far.

On to the Short Stories Realm

Short Story-Horror...I took 14th with

Twilight Comes. the darkest story I have ever written, but again it has one dynamic Delilah Cover.

Short Story Sci-fi/Fantasy...Kat comes through with a 13th placement for the second in her Gods At Work Series, richly entitled

The Heart of the Queen. Delilah's cover even gave Hera her peacock. How cool is that?

Short Stories...All Others...Kat once more claimed 14th place for her first Gods At Work book,

Working Under Covers. Aphrodite in 14th place? Hmmm...there may be repercussion coming our way from Mt. Olympus. And of course this is another Delilah cover.

Kat and I both adore our Delilah covers, but I just got my very first

Goddess Nika Dixon cover for my Feb. 2012 release

She's Gone and let me say I am awed by its power. This is a story that is very dear to my heart. It's very short, and it's a mystery. I really hope it does well.

Kat just released the next book in her Gods At Work Series today...Hades, the God of The Underworld, In Death's Arms, and let me just say...yum! I hope you'll check it out.

Now down to the mundane...Kat and I are going to be

moving this year, but it's going to be daunting. We have lived here twenty-one years and have acquired

a lot of stuff. I think I need to take stock out in

Hefty bags, because it looks like we're going to be using a whole boatload of them.

We'll share more about the move in the weeks to come.

I've got my first BIG BOOK coming out soon and the editing process has me wanting to morph into an ostrich so I can bury my head in the sand and let the world pass me by. This story,

Echoes From The Past holds my heart in it's grasp. I love

Ahoishmahir, the hero...and no, I haven't a clue where that name came from, except it popped into my head and FELT right. Aho, (for short), travels through three different times in this story, but to give you an idea what he looks like in our current time,

have a gander. Can you tell why I love this hero?

I'll be sharing more about Aho and his heroine Kira Firebird in the coming weeks and months too. But I'll tease you with this...the middle time period Aho travels through is that of the

Anasazi. Do you know the story of the Anasazi? If not, all you have to do is Google them. I am amazed by them and hopefully gave to Aho an accurate portrayal.

I feel a

migraine coming on, so I'd better finish this and get my

Imitrex ready.

Thanks for checking in...I'll be back with the next newsletter soon!

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Jim Hartley said...

Nice column. And by the way, Lin, thanks for the nice picture at the bottom to add to my collection of penguin pictures ... us Linux types are very much into penguins, what with Tux being the Linux mascot.