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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Lin's Number One Newsletter

Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Hear Ye!
This is Lin's Very

Today is December 28th, 2011.

I received a beautiful Christmas Card from our very own Kevin Hopson and his lovely wife Gunes, inside I found a keeper that is being added to our own personal photo album, but I hope Gunes and Kevin will permit me to share it, and tell you about the charity they hold dear in their hearts.

First...isn't this a great picture? And now the charity. Gunes and Kevin are grateful for the photos they have of Aydin born without the gift of breath. They mentioned many charities, such as MISS Foundation, Share Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support and March of Dimes...but the closest to their hearts is NILMDTS...

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep...

a non-profit organization of volunteer photographers

who capture memories of still born babies free of charge.

Kevin and Gunes say their photgraphs of Aydin are one of the few tangible memories they have of their miracle son, and therefore, are their most cherished possession.

I pass this along in the hopes we can all see fit to honor Kevin and Gunes for their strength, their generosity, and the wellspring of love that lives so powerfully within them. Skyler Blue is here, but so is Aydin, and the pictures the volunteers made, I know are treasures the Hopson family will cherish forever.

Karen I hope you will add this charity to your avatar list on our brother's behalf. This group of dedicated photographers are God's angels too.

In a world that seems to want us buried beneath the dubious celebrity of reality shows, finding people like Kevin and Gunes, and Muse gives me hope the world hasn't totally slipped from the values I hope I have lived.

The past few days have overwhelmed Kat and me with the bountiful hearts around us. My therapy is via

Jewish Family and Children Services. On Friday two of their fantastic volunteers drove up to our apartment armed with ALL the equipment Kat's allergist told us we need...but because of the changes our Governor here in NJ has made were no longer considered of enough medicial need to have insurance cover them.

Angels abound and appear when we least expect them. To Lisa, I give my deepest thanks. You passed our need along to those in position to grant wishes even though we did not know we were  making wishes. Thank you all.

More news...Kat and I will be moving this year...not sure when just yet, but it's definite...so I spent part of yesterday wading through our pictures and I found two I haven't posted anywhere yet, so let make amends

to our cherished

Peanuts with these pics.

Until next time...


Madeleine McLaughlin said...

Nice Lin, you never know when you're going to meet an angel. I never knew about these worthy people, thanks for enlightening me. good luck with your newsletter.

Lorrie said...

So sad, Lin, that there are so many charities depending on generous donations. It's like, which one do I give to?
Thank you for the enlightenment on these.

Lovely first newsletter.

Lin said...

Thank you both for giving my first newsletter your attention. I know it is hard to figure out where to share the ever diminishing monies we have available. Right now all my royalties on five of my books are beign donated to the Woman's shelter that helped me get away from my abuser. I am also a two time cancer survivor, so have a powerful loyalty to charities aimed at cancer research. As a former Special Eductaion teacher and mother of a daughter with seizures I am behind charities that dealing with learning disabilities and brain injuries.

Where to spread the minimal wealth? I wish I knew. What I do know is there is never a lack of need.

Again, thank you for stopping by AND for taking the time to comment. Bless you both.

Anonymous said...

Truly amazing indeed. What angles among us, we are all so blessed to have people so beautiful around us.

Lisabet Sarai said...


You make a contribution simply by getting the word out. Thank you for your huge heart.

Rhobin said...

Moving post, great relatively unknown organizations. I'm so grateful Kat received the medical equipment she needs!

Happy New Year to both of you.

Heather Haven said...

Lin, I started the morning out by crying, your blog moved me so. To all the angels out there, the ones often unnoticed by much of the world, you are treasured.

Larion aka Larriane Wills said...

what a wonderful start for a New Year. May only more happiness follow

John B. Rosenman said...

Lin, your number one newsletter should bring anyone to tears. There are angels in the world and so many babies who need them. The best of luck with your newsletter.

Wendy said...

Sorrow, joy, new life, big moves, love -- your first newletter has it all Lin. Lovely. Good luck for 2012

Jenna Storm said...

Thank you Lin for letting me know about this organization. My family lost our nephew on Jan 2nd so I'm behind in checking out emails or I would have answered your request to not miss the post.

It's so nice to hear of this volunteer organization who help families suffering a tragic loss by creating lasting memories with their photographs.