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Friday, December 23, 2011

Reflections of Sixty

I know you are probably all tired of my ruminations of late, but

life is funny. We never know when we arise each day what the day will bring or if tomorrow will come. Because of that, I don't think we should ever take for granted those who have come to be the best of the life you are leading.

At 11:07 on the evening of the 12th of

December, I officially turned 60...yep, a geriatric!

How do I feel about this momentous, tipping over the hill twice? You're supposedly

over the hill when you turn 30. And back in the early history of man, 30 was getting long in the tooth...hence the justification for marrying girls off when they first hit puberty.

I am starting down the long slope of the SECOND hill, into my SECOND CHILDHOOD?...and have been doing a lot of reflecting.

When did Nudge my writer's voice take up residence inside me? My publisher says she started writing while in utereo and used the umbilical cord as a faux pen. Did I? I'd like to say yes, but I don't think I remember anything from that insular world.

Officially I did not become an AUTHOR until March 29th, 2010 when I received my first contract from a soon to launch publishing house,

Muse It Up Publishing, five hours after subbing it. (That won't happen now...such a short turn-around is not possible with the explosive success Muse has achieved.)

60 years...hmmmm I just discovered I share this monumental celebratory year with the Queen of England. She is celebrating

60 years as Queen, and I'm celebrating 60 years on the planet. They're calling this her

Diamond Celebration...I loathe diamonds. They're colorless without the shine and

prismatic life light gives them. I'm a

sapphire girl...rich, vibrant blue...just like the hottest portion of a candle's flame.

I have discovered a treasure trove of sapphires,

opals, (my second favorite),



rubies and

emeralds and each one made my sixtieth birthday the best birthday...because Muse is not JUST a publishing house, it's a family, and a conduit to the

hearts and affection of other authors as well. I have always thought authors were the true, although unsung

superstars of our world.

The fleeting stars of movies, tv, sports, music, give way to the vagaries of change. One of the saddest things history has lost through its own shortsightedness, are the

books burned, banned, or otherwise deleted from today's audiences. The written word, if honored as it should be, will never leave us.

So now I thank those who made my 60th birthday the richest ever.

First, my beloved daughter, who makes every day a joy, fellow author Kat Holmes

Lea Schizas...more than a publisher...more than a friend.

Litsa Kamateros...Lea's partner...my friend...my sister...and more.

Delilah K. Stephans...my cover artist...your beauty extends beyond the incredible genius of your visions.

And of course her other half  Cover Art God,Tiger. You both know how much you mean to me on so many levels.

Karen Coté...my favorite comet...words pale beside your generous spirit and loving heart. You made me the FIRST in so many ways on your incredible avatar sight. You stepped into my world, filled it with light, and won't allow any darkness to return.

Ginger Simpson...You seem to know when I need to laugh and are right there spreading sunshine...but you are more than that Ginger. You inspire me Dear Lady to always show grace in the face of life's punches.

Glenn Kleier...your words gave me the courage to live...your friendship gives me the power to every once in a while actually toot my own horn...and your generosity has opened a bigger audience for my fledgling flights into the skies of published writer.

Gail Branan...You made me one of the first flowers on your fence...an honor beyond anything I ever hoped for.

Tanja...I lived a quiet life, and know I will never travel, but you, Dear Heart, gave me Malta, and your rich soul.

Brad...you have given me so much, dear brother, but you also gave me BACK my brother. I love you.

Kevin...I am so proud of you, and so grateful to you. You let ME be the venue for sharing the miracle you and your family are.

Jim...you made me an oracle AND a bear. How could I not love you?

The world has been placed at my fingertips through the immense wonder that is the Muse Family. CANADA, Austraila, New Zealand, Italy, Greece, England, Scotland...just to name a few.

You have all lifted my heart from a place I'd locked it in so many years ago and gave me wings to soar. But you also gave me friends, family, brothers, sisters, cousins, beloved ones.

So my reflections of turning sixty are...I think I have found the best time of my life and it is now!

Love and

More to All of You.

As a December Geriatric, I cannot post this without adding one more, very important thing:


Joylene said...

Happy Birthday, Lin. I'm not far behind you, so I do understand your excitement at leaving the 50s behind. Not unlike turning the big 5 0, I wonder. I hope your 60 was as wonderful as you imagined. It's been great sharing in your publishing success. Merry Christmas.

Tanja said...

Unofficially, I will be as old as you in 3 years' time...the reason being that I am hopless at Mathematics, so I age in clumps of five years. Enjoy your birthday, Lin, and may you have many happy returns of the day. Thank you for being you... our shining light; the prism that gives us all the colours of the rainbow.

gail roughton branan said...

Oh, Lin! Don't you get tired of folks tellin' you they leave you speechless? We just all love you, darlin'. That's all. Merry Christmas. And God bless us, everyone!

Lin said...

I love you all back. It's true this final year before reaching 60 has been the best and I know with Muse as our family and home, my years after 60 are going to prove to be even better for both Kat and me.

Lin said...

Oh and I don't know that I feel any differently than I did when I turned ten...until I look in the mirror.