Heat All Around

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Phoenix Breed is Rising

There are among us many brave men and women who have taken on the specter of power and dominion and WON. It is never easy to confront such minions from a darker side and one always risks the fires that can scorch and destroy. Does that mean you should not risk the pits of some one's self-created hell? HELL NO!

Heroes are not born into some magical skin... heroes do not even realize they ARE heroes...not now when they are performing heroic deeds, nor later when their heroism shines like a beacon for all to see.

This blog posting is dedicated to those who posted recently to the firestorm brewing in the e-Pub world in their own names...very, very brave, and those who had to take care because of an addendum that denied them their constitutional right to speak freely.

They still posted, but had to do so using the anonymity of anonymous. All of you are heroes and Phoenix's rising from the ashes of the hell fires you were captured in is your legacy.

Kudos, one, kudos all. May your future endeavors be richer and filled with literary joy.

Soar high My Beautiful Birds of Flame. You have all risen above the fires and your wings will span wide and gracefully with success as you head towards your waiting aerie.


Roseanne Dowell said...

Great post, Lin. And congratulations on the win!

Lin said...

Thank you. It's like a huge anvil has been lifted from our shoulders.