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Monday, September 6, 2010

Contracts and what they mean

There has been some speculations...don't you just love how I can throw that word in here since it is the general theme of my blog...that I have done my daughter a disservice by stepping in and taking her health issues seriously enough to execute my Power Of Attorney over her Medical and Social Security Allotment issues during recent firestorms.

Contracts are SUPPOSED to be the foundation of the relationship between the publisher and author, the publisher and editor, the publisher and cover artist, publisher and distributor, etc., etc., etc....yet there are publishers who do not follow the letter of their own contracts but expect every one else to.

I believe STRONGLY in the limits and powers defined in contracts. I used to work in the wire transfer branch of a major bank at one point in my life; adhering to the letter of the monetary contracts, right down to the fine print, was the difference between keeping companies like Campbell Soup and Ocean Spray, among others, content with having our bank as their financial representatives or not.

On February 24, 2003 I was issued Limited Power of Attorney over my daughter's medical and Social Security Allotments. I am bound UNDER the law, TO step in, and I am monitored to make certain I do so. Had I NOT executed my POA, I would have been in contempt of a binding LEGAL contract and subject to prosecution and potential imprisonment. I have been bound by the POA longer than any publishing contract executed in either August or December 2009.

However, at no time was that my concern. My concern has been, and always will be what is in my daughter's best interest...but, to those who open their mouths and speak of things they have no knowledge of, you are spreading an ignorance, that could cost someone else in the future their lives, or their freedom. Most irresponsible. Some of us HAVE no choice about being responsible, but the rest of you should at least make sure your information is valid before you put it out there and risk misguiding someone else. Ignorance should NOT be perpetuated because you didn't take the time to verify what you decide to put out in such a public forum.


M.E Ellis said...

You must do what you have to do. You're the only one with all the facts with regards to your daughter's welfare and business, so other people's opinions as to why you've behaved as you have are just that--opinions.

Kat said...

Amen. I and I alone have the right to determine if you are overstepping your bounds. As I have NEVER felt the need to retract the POA I guess that means I don't feel you have. I love you Mom.:-)

Lin said...

I am closely monitored to make certain I do NOT overstep the limits of my POA and that I do not embezzle from my daughter's finances. I must yearly prove where every penny comes from in her name , as a result of her efforts/talents/energies, and where it goes. I have never had control over her signature nor would I wish it. She is not demented and has the right to enter into any and all contracts under the law. Believe me, my responsibilites are extensive enough without having to take on control of her legal right of signature.

The government requires an accounting of my daughter's finances from me every year, and the social services that monitor disabled persons monitor the care I am charged with overseeing on her behalf monthly.

I do not have leeway despite what those who know not what they speak of choose to spout. Their ignorance is cause for pity. They should be thanking God that they are NOT walking the path my daughter and I must walk rather than passing judgment upon it.

Seems to me an old saying comes to mind that might be good for them to remember..."THERE BUT FOR THE GRACE OF GOD GO I."

Be grateful for God's grace and stop judging what is so far beyond your comprhension your commenting only shows your foolishness and lack of humanity.