Heat All Around

Thursday, October 27, 2011


We are one family, joined beyond the marrow. We may not have spent time

sitting around the fire, chewing the proverbial "fat", but the essence of who we are here at

Muse does not rely on just interaction to belong to this

grand world we found a little more than

a year ago.

The enemy does not care how many

summers or how few it's victims have known. It cares about one thing and one thing only, forcing its

mutations on all that make us who we are until ultimately we are little more than


But that's where cancer is wrong and cannot win. Cancer may alter every cell inside the

shell bodies we spend our days existing in, but the shell is nothing more than that...

the shell.

Beyond the shell, beneath the marrow, and forever a part of

our universe is the essence,

the soul, the spirit, the core of who we are.

Hugh Fox is now the second Muse It Up Publishing Family author whose shell could no longer

wage war against cancer.

Hugh lived a long, eventful life that left his mark not just here at Muse, but

around the world. His writing beacon shines and will never cease.

Cancer took the multi-faceted shell, but can never rob us of the beauty, love, and longeviety of his vibrant

author's voice.

He now joins Karen McGrath, our first cancer loss here at Muse Publishing,

beyond the veil where I know he will

watch over the rest of us with a knowing glint in his spirit eye, and undying support for what he knew

Muse to be, because he was a part of it.

We lost one of our own. His energy will be missed on this side of the veil, but his grace

and love will never be farther away than a


Thank you Hugh for sharing although too briefly,

all that you are,

and thank you for sharing all you are yet to be.

Rest In Peace My Brother. We will not forget.

To learn more about Hugh and the many books he has please check out his Author Page.


MuseItUp Publishing said...

Thank you, sweet Lin, for your continued caring. May life always have the pleasure of reading your words that are always heartfelt.

Annie said...

A lovely tribute, Lin, beautifully illustrated as always.

N.J.Walters said...

So sorry for the loss of your friend and fellow author. Beautiful tribute.

Cyrus Keith said...

Sister Lin, you poured out what we all are feeling, once more.
Thank you also for your voice.

lionmother said...

Thank you Lin for this beautiful post about a truly erudite and excellent writer. I think we were lucky to have him for so long!