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Friday, August 5, 2011

Integrity, Honor, and Love

We are rapidly

approaching the

anniversary of

Muse Publishing, Inc's

Debut here in the intriguing world of


I am an author, and even though I have

thirteen contracts so far with

five released and another about to be released

next week, I sometimes wonder about that claim...okay

Nudge is kicking me in my

lack of ego, but still...

I have learned a great deal in this

last year. I have learned the true meaning of


honor, and

grace under fire.

We at Muse are blessed to have

Lea Hovris Schizas and Litsa Kamateros woman-ing the

helm of all Muse is and will become.

We newbies make mistakes that MUST drive these two beautiful women

up one wall, scrabbling across the ceiling and

down the other, yet their


compassion, and

willingness to guide us through the

uncharted waters tell us we are more than just a means towards hopefully an ever mounting stack

of dollar signs.

I am a newbie...sort of. I am definitely a newbie to this end of writing. Since I'm almost

sixty...and yes I am a woman who admits her age...I have been writing a lonnngggg time. I think I wrote my first little thing back when I was little more than

five. Don't remember what it was except I know it starred the mouse I heard scratching and clicking inside our country

house's walls. (We're not going to talk about the one that waited until I was sitting on the can. With my drawers down around my ankles, the

little demon began running across the bathroom tiles, his clicking reverberating off the ceramic of the tiles. I got the hell outta there so fast I actually did a header down the steps when my feet got all tangled up in my

dropped drawers...which probably explains much.)

Many years later another mouse, this one living inside

my stove, sort of affectionately named

Mortimer, Mort for short, seemed to know when I wanted to place pot on stove. At that exact moment Mort would stick his head up through the rings and twitch his whiskers quite energetically. Naturally I dropped the pot, ran for all I was worth and prayed Mort would not give chase. He never did.

Back to the topic at hand. When you admire someone, deservedly so, the way we

admire and love these two women, there isn't anything you wouldn't do to

spread word of their

beacon to the world at large.

To do this I began doing what began as Cover Blogs, but thanks to the creative ingenuity of

Ginger Simpson has become Stationary Trailers. I get the rare opportunity to create my own brand of I guess,

magic. My goal is to entice my blog readers to go to the

Muse Bookstore and further check out my brother and sister authors.

I don't have a clue if what I do translates into bigger sales.

I hope, because I love doing them. It almost feels like I am giving back to

Muse for all

Muse has given to me.

Fanciful of me, I know, but that really is

how I feel.

My daughter, herself a Muse author of repute, chose having her own

BTR show to further

spread the news of Muse. She has had

New York Times Best Seller's,

Cover Artists who are never willing to sit on their accumulated laurels so go back to

school and learn, learn, learn.

She has had editors...the people who help us hone, tighten, polish and inject


into our masterpieces, yet are so

down-to-earth and giving, we, their authors, never feel like they are stripping us of our creative identities. (I have heard

horror stories about editors and actually have one of my own from eleven years ago...but

Muse gives us the

cream of the editing crop...

Gods and Goddesses we are grateful to have guiding us through the honing process.)

Kat has had literary agents on her show...nothing to

sneeze at...and in the future she has a

Pulitzer Prize winning author lined up as well.


is about to celebrate it's

first year...yes we are small, sorta...but we have grown by such

leaps and bounds it is impossible these days to keep all the names of my

Muse family, all

gods and goddesses in my head.

There are those still predicting Muse

will not succeed...let me be the first to assure them...we're already

succeeding and

we've only just begun.

Imagine what news of our

giant steps up that

publishing ladder I will have to share with you on September 10, 2012 when we

celebrate our two year commemoration of our debut?

Muse rocks the world, and the world is going to feel more than tremors in the months, years and decades ahead.

Muse is busy

~Building the Team to Achieve the Dream~

For those that doubt...

our dream is already out there spreading like a

wild fire. All you have to do is lift your head and

hear our steadily rising voices.

One year...


Lea and Litsa on creating and yes, woman-ing the



gail roughton branan said...

Proud to be a Muser!

lionmother said...

So proud to know you, Lin, because you bring my spirits up with your writing. I am thrilled to be a part of the Muse family and my voice tells everyone at least once a month on my radio show and this month on my webinar reading. Your stationary book trailers are a treat to which I look forward and each one tempts me to buy the book. You have a gift and you are using it to further Muse. I'm sure you are having an effect!!

Emily Pikkasso said...

Lin, you are amazing! It is never to early to celebrate this great company and family.

Congrats Muse on your upcoming birthday.


BarbaraB said...

I am in awe at the way you find wonderful pictures to go with your thoughts and words.

No way are you Lazy!