Heat All Around

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I didn't know if

"BEFOGGLED" really is a word, but knew it described what I was feeling after tallying the page views for my authorial themed blogs for the past week and found them shy on comments but 2,736 page views heavy.


to me, it's a good word...so I Googled it and these are some of the images I came up with.

As you can tell, they are not in any order...

nor do they center around one easily recognizable visual definition...

So IS there a definition? I guess I'd better check

WEBSTER...the final authority in word recongition.

There IS befog...a verb...meaning, obscure, confuse. So if you BEFOG someone doesn't it stand to reason they would walk away from the experience


So I'm still not 100% sure if it really is a word or not, but I can tell you, it most assuredly IS an emotion because I am thoroughly



Tanja said...

Well... to me the fog has dissipated and the reason is crystal clear, and you know what I mean.

Mary said...

I'm befoggled most of the time, Lin. Especially after my laptop blew a gassket and I've been trying to unfoggle a new laptop and progra. I don't kow if there is such a word as unfoggle, if not, there should be.

Mary C.

Susan Royal said...

I'd like membership in the befoggled group, too. Especially, now. Lately I couldn't tell you which end is up.