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Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Our cover showcase of
MuseitUp Publishing Covers
Muse Publishing's finest yet again must reappear.

Kat and I periodically take a long walk on the wild side looking at the newest covers our Gods and Goddess in this realm within the Muse Pantheon of brilliance create, and we just have to have a long conversation and make our choices based solely on the power the covers have to speak to us.

This will be  a short one of these and I have plans for the Cover Exposé Stravaganza coming in November...but I'm only telling you all that much...wouldn't want to over whet your interests...especially with

Bonella, out cantakerous bag of October scare-festing hovering around just eager to shoot us down in her smoldering sort of way...so Bonella, tip that gawdaful hat a little more...That's it, cover those eye sockets...there's a good girl.

To the Muse Cover Art Blog and the quest

Kat our little Muse Goddess of Enlightenment and I mean to complete...

whittling the amazing covers down to a few at a time until we get caught up...oh and don't be surprised if our own are amongs this list...ever since we stopped telling

Delilah what we thought we wanted, and got out of her way, every cover she's done for us belongs in the top twenty. We had absolutely

NOTHING to do with it, which is why they belong. Leave Dee, Tiger, Suzannah, Kaytalin and Mike alone to do what they excel at, and they give you pure out-of-the-park rockum-sockum covers every time.

Armed with my magnifying glass...there's so much detail in Muse covers, Kat and I will now begin the awesome task of bringing part three of Cover magic forward...again.

Since she's busy with the Reveiw Chat over at the Conference...I etch out this first entry...

 Lavendar Dreams...How could we NOT choose this stellar piece by

Delilah, whose passion for her feline creatures is only rivaled by her passion for her artistic eye. I give you the fierest side of our Head CA Goddess in this her free spirited expression of the fire within.

Part of that fire is being able to channel it into something that will speak across

ALL aisles, all genere's, all expressions of the best in the human experience.

Sliding past the next cover, is so not going to happen.

As an avid fan of the science of the Universe both of the covers by

Tiger Matthews in this series speak to me. I can tell you I will be checking out these books because the covers speak to the

armchair scientist within me...oh and the avid book reading sleuth.

Well done Tiger. You've shown us just how sexy and exciting the planets, asteroids, meteorites, and the

Big Bang element can be.

And low and behold, can't go far before the next

 hit the target cover pops right up. Have I said how great our cover artists are? I struggle on a daily basis to find enough images to express their god and goddesshood, and still fall bigtime short.

Lady in Waiting is by the amazing Suzannah Safi who has brought to life a time when things seemed more genteel and filled with innocence. The draping tendrils of the woman's hair against the sweet explanse of her back.


On I go through the covers. At this rate I'm going to have to make more than one blog posting...and why not. Our artists, the first line of our book's interest are the tops...So moving on again...here we go...

This cover is an

OMG cover. Kat has a book in the

Lacey's Lamp series coming out, in November...after seeing what Suzannah has done for Kay Dee Royal's title, Kat wishes she chose a topic earlier in the year. She's chomping at the bit to see what magic,,,and yes,

I said MAGIC Suzannah will deliver. Wave your wand Suzannah!

Is this getting too long? Should I stop and make a sequel and another and another?

With a cover like THIS one? Oh Delilah, I am drawn to it on first sight, then I wish I could blow it up and spend hours just looking at all the little stories you've given us in the details.

Suzannah showed magic above, you Dear Goddess Delilah give us...the alchemy of the universe.

And maybe that is where to leave it tonight.

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