Heat All Around

Sunday, June 26, 2011


We all know the

many hats she wears and how much she means to us inspite of her desire to want to

wet noodle us when we

enumerate them...but the

proof as my

Grandmother used to say, is in the

pudding...or in this case the

Greek Goddess.

Her first Goddess hat encompasses her totality...I am of course speaking of the

GODDESS OF INSPIRED BEGINNINGS. She along with her partner Litsa Kamateros,

THE GODDESS OF MESSAGES (You did know it was LITSA that came up with

Muse Publishing Inc.'s fantastic motto...

~BUIDLING THE TEAM TO ACHIEVE THE DREAM~right?)...created the home we all call Muse.

But she doesn't rest on the years of accumulating laurels that got her here...oh NO...not our perpetually in motion

GODDESS OF BUTTERFLY WINGS. She encases us in her

chrysalis and turns us in to

literary butterflies...one and all.

Finally, though, she has admitted one of her other roles on her guest blog appearance at Barbara E.'s blogs.

Here's the scoop. She arrived here on the mother ship

 ready to perform her duties from the distant planet of Hendreamia.

The minute she stepped from the all important oval craft, we were drawn to her,

without question or doubt.

Quickly she gathered her little ones together...


what each and every

differing personality

needed...never ignoring the

needs of one despite

the clamoring needs of many.

Wise beyond years, she knows when the moderate hand of a guiding

wet noodle is called for.


Queen Goddess of

Mother Hens, she

morphed into the Goddess of all Birds of Fantasy and is the keeper of all our love.

Long may you lead us of Great Mother Hen.


MuseItUp Publishing said...

you, dear lady, are way too funny at times. Those Mother Hen pics cracked me up so thank you for destressing my hectic day today. Truly appreciate all of your time and energy searching for just the right pictures to convey your messages.

Lin said...

You work so hard for us, it's the least I can do in return.

lionmother said...

Lin, you are truly the Goddess of Blogging. You found the perfect pictures to show off the many facets of our beloved Mother hen.:) I love your sense of humor and how you can direct it to finding graphics to go along with your ideas. Brilliant!!

Lisabet Sarai said...

What a wonderful - and appropriate - tribute, Lin!

Every word and picture is true.


J Q Rose said...

And all the little chicks said "peep, peep, perfect pics to tell the story of our leader."

BarbaraB said...

You've done it again -- found more ways to tell the world how we all feel about the Mother Hen of Muse.
You must be having such fun.