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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Feathers Within My Nest

Long have I hungered for something that just never seemed to be mine. I didn't understand what was wrong with me that made me so incapable of knowing what I hungered for. I have always tried to give from the bottom of my heart.

Nonnie taught me that, and also gave me the knowledge and model of what I hungered for.

I was born awkward. I don't know why. Shy, probably a learned trait...I had three brothers nine and four years older, and three years younger.

I grew up in the country with Heidi my only friend as I found myself struggling with the confusion of puberty. Thank God for Heidi, though. She loved me unconditionally, and actually enjoyed spending time with me. It was to Heidi I spun my many tales, stretched out in the rich lawn, her as my happy pillow, the clouds the inspiration for the stories I'd weave for her. She also loved the

water and swam with me in our pool every chance she could.

When you're one of those awful creatures "an A student" you don't have a lot of people looking kindly upon you, especially when you get those A's without studying.

Throughout my adult life, every time I started developing a relationship with a friend, we had to move. (My husband had his own agenda for that.)

By the time my marriage ended, I had two children to raise, a body not always my best friend, college to get through, and jobs to work because well, even though I was awarded substantial alimony and child support, I never saw any of that.

Also during those years since the marriage was dissolved, I also had to take great care with who I trusted to even let into my life...

Alone. So much aloneness. I have been intimate with aloneness for so long...but now...now my

heartstrings have so many chords it seems there is always a symphony playing within me.

Feathers...you are all feathers who have filled my nest, giving me something I had not thought to share with anyone since Nonnie and Heidi except for my most precious friend, my daughter.

Where to begin? What order do I name you? Does the order matter?

Yes...at least with this first one it does.

Eric, you gave me the biggest feather because you made it possible for us to stop hiding and finally have vindication of the truth. Our truth is so dark only those who helped wade us out of it, believed us. Not even my own father believed it. You came, you sought, you learned, you believed, and opened your arms, and healed.

Claire, meeting you was like finding a piece of me that I lost and never knew I could find again. I don't let people touch me. Sometimes you have to let others hug you even though your body is screaming

NO, because to pull away, deny them, would cause them pain they do not deserve.

I didn't think I would ever be able to let myself be touched again. Eric hugs. His Dad was one of the best huggers in the world. My own dad never hugged. Nonnie hugged. Nonnie and my former father-in-law were the only adults that ever hugged me and made me glad I was being hugged.

Eric's hugs remind me so much of his Dad's. I felt like a cherished daughter when my Father-in-law hugged me. Eric makes me feel like a cherished sister.

You Claire...there are so many emotions I feel when you and I hug. Nonnie...your hugs remind me of Nonnie...you always make me feel safe, wanted, loved, unconditionally appreciated, and it has only grown stronger in this little over a year. I feel like you have always been my family, and always will be.

So, My Dear, Dear Claire, you are a precious feather now filling my soul's nest.

Lea...there are so many feathers you brought to me. I'm not sure where to begin. You created a home for the dream my daughter and I have both held close to our hearts, and let us in. You stood behind me even though my limits are truly obstacles and never treated me that way. You let me become the needy center of the heart of Muse.

So many feathers...how do I just choose one to reflect what you've given me?

Since you keep your eyes on every aspect of the Family that IS MUSE...what else could I have chosen but the ones above? Except this one...

Lea, those two feathers belong but so does this grouping. You brought me out of my chrysallis, and I will love you forever.

Ginger...In you I have the sister I always wanted who can laugh, see the absurd, and also know the depths the heart can be forced to crawl to.

I was drawn to you from the very first, Ginger and with each passing day I am thanking my fortune for that first twinkling of what you and I would come to share.

Karen C...You remind me of a vision God gave me right before I began going through my reconstructive surgeries.

I had taken my children camping in the Poconos Mountains. We had a tent, and it was just past dusk. Deciding to take a walk, we left the enclosed forestry of the campsite, coming out into this large clearing. At the bottom of the clearing grew two pine trees, tall, nature's Christmas Trees because they were twinkling just like Christmas trees

with thousands of fireflies. It was breathtakingly beautiful, and I knew in that moment I was going to be okay.

You My Darling Girl are like that miracle of nature. You have this

effervescence that is intoxicating. Everyone you have touched since you walked through the Muse Family Doors sees and feels the same magic that is you, that I feel. Just as those fireflies spoke volumes to me that night, you, your amazing spirit and your brilliant avatars speak volumes to all of us lucky enough to call you our Muse Sister.

I believe in something called SPLIT-APARTS...They are pieces of one huge over-soul that have many things to experience, so the over-soul splits.

It sends a part of the soul there to experience this,

and there so it doesn't miss out on that, and of course

here because we wouldn't want to pass this opportunity by. Are you one of my split-aparts? I don't know, but I do know you are special, as is everyone else now feathering my heart's nest.

Glenn...there are many places throughout all my blogs that speak of what I think of you. There aren't many men in my life that I have found reason to respect and yes, love. I found you through your writing, but through your beauty of spirit, you've become a friend whom I trust and long to never disappoint. You have given me more than you can know just by being my friend.

So your feather...I really needed to hunt for the right one here and in this cacophony of fine feathers, with colors as powerful as a neuron, I found what is your feathering to me.

Karen McG...Sometimes I think we are living twin lives. Both of us have had to overcome so much, and yet you are the kindest, most loving, generous person. I've been asked how one goes through the kinds of things we have and stay caring. I don't know how it's done, but I know it has been done in you.

You make my heart swell with respect and a closeness that many may not understand.

In you, I feel like I have found a kindred spirit. I love you so much because you face each obstacle thrown at you but with

grace and a

serenity I deeply admire. Thank you, Dear Karen, for being the feather in my heart's nest you've become.

Barbara E. Words sometimes fail me when I am trying to express so many deep emotions in one place for so many dear people. You stuck with me kind sister through the chapters of my story that I know are hard.

You and Karen C. together helped me deal with some of the shame. If two such beautiful people can read my story and still find reason to care about me, perhaps Lea's butterfly IS emerging from her

Chrysalis. Your feather within my heart's nest sometimes makes me cry, but more often makes me feel like I truly do belong.

My Beloved Brother Kevin H...Another who shows me the power of grace, and leaves me in absolute awe. I know I have not spoken directly to you of late, Kevin, but you and your family are never far from my heart and thoughts.

I proudly claim you my brother. I no longer have any relationship with my natal brothers...one is actually dead, but the other two...I committed a terrible sin in my family when I divorced my ex-husband. My dad was furious with me...my brothers loved the family money too much to risk angering dad by supporting me.

They made their choice...besides I have always been the nuisance sister, so I'm not sure money was the ONLY reason they cut me off. Kevin, you were the first of my Muse brothers who let me know I mattered and was accepted.

Thank you. You are FOREVER a feather in the nest within my heart.

Brad...the world will know you as Cyrus...but Kat and I cherish you as Brad. You have sent me so many cyber hugs that I ache to feel.

Maybe someday, but until then, you have read my reality, and loved me anyway. Your feather is here, and it keeps me feeling peace, and unconditional love inspite of the nightmare I had to travel through to get here.

Kathryn...Kathy...Kat...Kitty Kat...Daughter...Best Friend...You have the hardest job in the entire world...living with me AND loving me. You beautiful child of mine, began feathering my heart's nest, long before you moved from beneath my breast into my arms.

I felt your first fluttering when I was just four weeks pregnant with you. It was hard to believe at first. I thought I was imagining it. You must have heard me, because you thumped again just to make sure I knew it really had been you tap dancing inside me.

It's been an incredible journey, hasn't it My Girl? So many hills to climb and valleys to delve. When I look into your beautiful eyes I see my joy. You do not know how deeply connected my heart is to yours. Your smile is more precious than any amount of money. I love you so much...and you love me back.

Thank you, for being the center feathers of my heart's nest.

Creative Litsa, Amazing Delilah, Generous Roseanne, Beautiful Tir, Supportive Carrie, Kind Penny, Understanding Greta, Incredible Chris, Inspiring Brian, Wondrous Jim, Tender Kay Dee, Astounding Chrystalla, Giving Christine, Wise Rosalie, Lovely Sue, Brilliant Tanja, Fabulous Elle, Impressive Amy, Delightful Nick, Gracious Chastity, Exhilarating Krista, Sweet Heather, Adorable Nancy, Musical Viviane, Gutsy Kelli, Big-hearted Mike and Cynthia, Kind Erika, Awesome Sara, Dear Larian, Sweet Lindsay, Delightful Arlene, and all those whom I have forgotten to name...because my brain is mush

Here is my heart's nest...and all of you have feathered it.

I love you all, back.


Roseanne Dowell said...


Karen Cote said...

Lin...thank you. Your soul is so beautiful. Do you know what it means to me in knowing you go out and search so hard to find the right image to go with the words you struggle to express and create while the entire time you were thinking of me when you did it? I don't take that knowledge for granted. Why would you spend time on me? You don't owe me those precious moments spent. And if you notice the word spent is deliberate because you've given up something. Your time. You could have "spent" it anywhere else. But you put it here. With us. I can't give you the gift of time back or the energy spent. But here's my gratitude Lin Holmes. And appreciation. And love. And absolute admiration.

Lin said...

I spent much of the past two days helping Kat bring a stroy dear to her heart hopefully up to what it needs to be for it to get contracted. It's a tender story that ends with death. I have found such a rich wellspring of love since my brother-in-law released me from the years of hiding, but I take nothing for granted. Love is the only truth that is universal, and no day should pass without it being shared.I love you all, and you have the right to have me broadcast that truth daily.

Emily Pikkasso said...

Dear Lin,
You have a beautiful soul, be kind to yourself and let it heal. Let the baggage go, it never belonged to you at all, you were just convinced it was yours. Send it back where it belongs, spread your wings in Joy and fly.

Hugs and Love

Cyrus Keith said...

Thank you for my feather, Lin. You are truly an amazing woman, so strong and still so open, even after the mountain you've climbed to get where you are.
*hugs* God bless and speed your continued healing!

lionmother said...

Lin, your feather for me is so beautiful and the chrysallis is how I feel now waiting for my book to be published. You have been the touchstone for my heart when I was down and when anyone was down. I am overwhelmed to be included as a feather in your nest and I hope you will be adding more and more as more people find you and learn of your warmth and wit.

I hope some day we can meet and I can give you the hug you deserve!!! Beautiful story and hope you are feeling better. We should compare our teeth stories some day too.:)

Glenn Kleier said...

Thanks for the beautiful feather, Lin, I'm tickled!

Lin said...

Oh Glenn...thank you so much for being one of my feathers. You mean a lot to me.

Ginger Simpson said...

I'm honored to be a feather in your nest. You always give me far more credit than I deserve, and I wish I could pull the band aid off your heart so it could heal. We reap what we sow, and you my sweet, have harvested an entire field of eternal friends.

Jenna Storm said...

Very sweet Lin. ♥