Heat All Around

Friday, March 11, 2011


Most of you know Kat and I are dealing with some medical emergencies that have coem up during the last few months...

Those emergencies seems small compared with what is happening

around the world, here in

NJ included with Nature.
Does Nature

take note of how many of her offspring

are disappearing because of the change in the balance of her ecosystems?

I can hear the opposing side saying there have been earthquakes,

volcanic eruptions,



natural fires,

horrific rain storms,

violent lightning strikes, and

blizzards ever since this

planet cooled and

the water molecules brought to it by far flung meteors got captured in the atmosphere,

coalescing into clouds storms fell to earth and eventually became

the oceans.

I am not a nuclear scientist,

an astro-physicist

a Geo-physicist,

nor even

an archaeologist able to burrow down and find the clues to our ancestry.

What I am is someone who believes totally in logic...NOT the way

Spock expounded upon logic...mine is much more simplistic.

If there is a Creator,

and for my own reasons I believe strongly there is, then all that we perceive is that Creator's offspring.

I am not crazy about




snakes, and other

creepy things, but I have to believe they have a purpose in the overall scheme of the Creator's

blueprints. I don't understand it, but I'm pretty sure it exists.

Kat is a card carrying bug-a-phobe. Can't say I blame her, but I also can't say there aren't valid reasons bugs exist. They, bugs,

certainly have proven they have survival skills we higher thinking creatures have yet to emulate.

History has shown us that more often than not man's "solutions" often come back to bite us in the ass. Think about the devastation caused by

DDT invented by man to KILL bugs.


the planet feel the changes mankind has wrought upon its face? If a

swarm of ants took up residence upon your skin, would you not know you'd been invaded? I know not the best example, and yet, maybe not.

Nature has many ways of showing her rage...do you ever remember so many devastating upheavals by Nature in such a short time?

I remember worrying about the occasional hurricane...like Gloria that hit Long Island, NY in 1985 with surprising power...That was considered the WORST punch Nature had to smack us with. Gloria hit land with 85 mph winds and was traveling 35 mph.

Compare that to Katrina.

The Ring of Fire is always a violent place capable of flexing its awesome powers at any given moment, but it is only one of nature's punch through spots.

Volcanic calderas,

this one in Hawaii, another that takes up most

of Yellowstone National Park, including

OLD FAITHFUL and it's offspring, BEEHIVE Geyser,

 this one at Santorini in the Greek Isles,

Chaitén Caldera in the Andes,

all of them dormant right now...but here is a computer generated image of what the awakening of one could mean...

We are symbiotically attached to a living breathing, violently pulsating planet. Our future as the future of this planet we call home is ALWAYS subject to

the moods of Mother Nature. We must never forget that. Compared to her, our technologies are less evolved than her

super bugs.

My heart, my prayers, the depths of my soul I send out to all who are feeling the devastating

punch of Mother Nature's fury.

Bless you all of you devastated by Nature's most recent ire. Your pain touches us all.

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